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The WordPress Dashboard

What do you see on the WordPress dashboard?

After you have logged in on your WordPress website, the first thing you see is the WordPress dashboard.

The WordPress dashboard – WordPress course
The WordPress dashboard consists of a left and a right column.
In the right column (white), you see more information about the website.
Among other things, number of pages, posts, comments, updates, etc. are mentioned here.

In the left column (black) you see the menu of WordPress. In practice, you are also going to use the left column more. This is your navigator within WordPress, if you will.

The right column gives you, after logging in, an update about the state of your website at a glance.

Details of the left column (black)

In the left column you see the menu of WordPress. This menu can still differ somewhat per WordPress website, version, and also depending on which rights you have.
The most essential parts of the WordPress menu are:
•Dashboard: consider this as the Homepage button of the WordPress menu
•Posts: these are the texts that end up on your Blog page
•Media: Add pictures, photos, music, or videos or edit them
•Pages : these are the pages of your website (HOME, WHO ARE WE, CONTACT, etc.); use these to modify your website
•Comments: comments provided via your comment form on your website are seen here (you can approve them or not)
•Appearance: adjust here your WordPress theme or menu
•Plugins: install plugins or modify them
•Users: make new users or establish rights
•Settings: WordPress settings can be configured here

WordPress dashboard video