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Price Logo Design

The price designing logo is: € 65

Design a logo method

Based on the input provided by you (colors, font, photo, description …) we design 3 different logos. Based on your feedback, we will adjust 1 logo until it is as desired. All 3 logos will become your property.

Create a logo

Have a logo made for you for example your website, company or association?
We would like to make a logo for you. Contact us and tell us more about your ideas. Do not you know what kind of logo you want? Then tell us a bit more about your company. What are your products or services? Which company colors do you have? Does your company have a tagline? Based on your input, we can design a logo for you.

Logo design

We would like to design the logo for your website, company or association.
We of course design professional graphic logos. If desired, we make your logo transparent. Making a transparent logo has the advantage that it fits every background. Both on your website and on a business card.

We design logos that meet the following properties:

high resolution
files of your choice such as JPG, PNG, BMP and GIF

Design a professional logo

Designing a professional logo is the first step in a more professional presentation of your website, company or association.
A logo is not just an image that is displayed on a website, business card, letterhead or envelopes. A logo is also the representation and representation of an association or company. You can show the individuality of a website, company or association by a combination of font, color, shape, structure, composition and / or images. A logo also ensures the radiating of trust and recognition of a website, company or product.

Create a logo

Making a logo is therefore quite a step where you as a company or association just sit down. And write down all aspects that you want to emit with your logo. We use all these aspects as input for creating a logo.

Website with logo

If you have a WordPress website and we design your logo, we will place the logo of your choice on your website for free.


Do you also want to have a logo made?
Feel free to contact us.