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Why SEO?

People often make a fuss about SEO.
The SEO step-by-step plan for every website is, however, clear.
Naturally, everything begins with establishing your target group.
Which visitors do you want to lead to your website?
What do you want visitors to do on your website? Be informed?
Buy a product? Make an appointment? Give feedback?
SEO can have an important positive impact on your website.
Your website gets found more easily in the search engines.
This way, you generate more visitor traffic to the website.
And every visitor is a potential client.

The future of marketing is online! Is your company ready for this?

Our SEO step-by-step plan

Website Optimisation

This way we make your website search engine-friendly:
• Meta tags
• XML Sitemap
• Site Architecture
• Robots.txt
• Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools

Optimise Content

Our professional writers research your content and potentially make it even better so that your products and services are clearly described.
We do all of this after an extensive keyword research.

Social Media Integration

We integrate your website and your social media so that all your followers see all changes in your website, and vice versa.


Mobile SEO

15% of all Google searches take place on a mobile platform. We research whether your website is responsive and eventually adjust this so that your website can be read equally well on tablet, smartphone and laptop.

Link Building

Links to your website make it popular in search engines and are very important for the rankings of your website. In Google, Alexa…

This is how we deal with link building
• Content spreading
• Social Media Feeds
• Guest Blogging
• Directory Submissions
• Infographics & Link Baiting

As you see, we are not doing anything mysterious about making your website easier to find.
Optimising your website for search engines is not difficult in itself but it is very labour-intensive.
No hard labour but well many hours.
Every website owner ought, however, to perform it routinely.
Or have it performed. Because only with the right search engine optimisation are the right people going to find your website.

Online advertising

All the aforementioned actions make your website much easier to find in the search results of the search engines.
Do you want to significantly strengthen the name recognition of your brand, company and website? Then you can also place payed advertisements online.
The most obvious are Google, Bing! and Facebook.
We can help you with advice about online ad campaigns. and also with developing and monitoring such a campaign.

The nice thing about an online ad campaign is that it can be done very well also on a limited budget for advertising
Improve your position in the search engines and make an appointment now