Want to let make a WordPress website? This is what you need

Everything you need to create a WordPress website in a row:

Own domain name
Website hosting
Wordpress theme
Wordpress plugins
Own domain name
Your own domain name is the first step towards an own WordPress website.
It pays to take the time to come up with a good domain name.
Brainstorming with a number of different people can also help. Go first out of the goal
from your website.

The most brilliant domain names are domain names where you immediately know
what the website is about. Which services, products or information you can find there.
Fietswinkel.nl vliegtickets.nl | timmermanutrecht.nl are examples of domain names where the flag covers the cargo.

Also try to take into account that a domain name must also fit on a business card.
Make sure you do not include a company name (outside of yourself of course) in the domain name.
This is prohibited by law. Create a domain name so that it is easy to remember. Not too complicated.
A domain name is usually registered by your website hosting. This usually happens every year.

Website hosting
Website hosting is necessary to install WordPress and to place all text and media for your website.
Even your email via your domain name email address (for example: info@mijndomeinnaam.com) will get a place on the website hosting.
Just like registering a domain name, website hosting is usually arranged annually.

You can “rent” your own server or an extra secure hosting.
The most used webhosting so far is the shared hosting. When choosing the website hosting, do not just look at the price. Of course, price is important.
But especially if you are going to install WordPress yourself, it is very practical to select a website hoster that also offers onetouch WordPress installation.
This saves you a lot of searching and especially a lot of time.
If your website host does not offer an onetouch WordPress installation, make sure that you can create a MySQL database.
This is necessary to install WordPress.

WebBuildingFirm offers the beautiful package of:
1 domain name (.nl, .be, .eu, com) including website hosting and 3 email addresses for 45 euros per year.

WordPress themes
Wordpress already installed a WordPress theme at the installation. A WordPress theme can be seen as the layout of a website.
Just say a template. The great thing about WordPress is that the WordPress is not only free, there are also many (thousands) free WordPress themes that you can choose from.
There are also countless premium WordPress themes.

The difference between a free and premium WordPress theme is not just that premium WordPress themes cost money.
The main difference is that your premium WordPress themes can adjust more details without having to change the code right away. You should think of colors, design …
Of course you can also consider building your own unique WordPress theme.

WordPress plugins
Plugins are pieces of software that add extra options to your WordPress website.
For example, there are plugins with which you can easily create a contact form.
But also plugins that make your WordPress website more secure, faster. Which extend the standard menu or more compact etc etc
The great thing about WordPress is that you often have a plug-in for many customizations of your WordPress theme.
And in the style of WordPress most are also free.

Build or build WordPress website yourself
You now know what it takes to make a WordPress website.
If you want to get started with creating your WordPress website you can always use our online WordPress course.
Of course we also like to help you create a complete and professional website.